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YuMe Academy - Get Into Shape

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Hello and welcome to Get into Shape with YuMe. 

We are already improving your Balance in life and now we have added fitness and shape to it.

Every day we follow the below-mentioned training schedule:

  1. Good morning: 06:15 start – Connection via Zoom
  2. Warm-Up:  1x 7 Minutes Workout
  3. Intermezzo: 2 to 3 YuMe Exercises for flexibility and strength
  4. Power Round: 1x 7 Minutes Workout (Classic or Bonus version exercises)
  5. Cool Down: 2 to 3 YuMe exercises and stretching.

At first we started the training because we wanted to get into shape for a hiking tour around the Mont Blanc. Now that we have walked the trail, came back, and want to stay in shape we have made a decision… Training is still going as we just do not want to stop feeling so good every day.

And because I am proud of what I have achieved – Here are some of the results: Tour De Mont Blanc

  • The girls (Women): did around 150 km and approximately 7000-meter altitude difference
  • The boys (Men): did around 160 km and approximately 9000-meter altitude difference

The picture at the top is the result of perseverance and focus combined with motivation by the group and a great deal of fun.

Come join the group and get into shape with YuMe.

Tutorial videos
Exercise PDF with 20 E-Cises

Get into shape Videos

*Videos currently only available in German. English versions coming soon.

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YuMe Academy Exercise PDF

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