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What is the meaning behind  -YuMe: Improve your balance in Life - 

YuMe Balance

YuMe – this is a Japanese term which means “Dream”. To me it means making a dream come true and helping others making their dreams come true. “You and Me” together we are going to make a difference in your life. Through your change you will impact the lives of people around you and in turn they will affect the lives of those around them too which will have an impact as well and so on. It is like a snowball. 

I want to make it my mission to help and guide you to make the changes in your life you deserve.

Egoscue is a method that I have gotten to know through a number of seminars I have done around the world and have seen the benefits this method has in comparison to other methods. What this method has done for me is that – although I was not in chronic pain – I did want to be healthier, fitter, more productive and align my body so that I would be better in sport, my energy levels would go up and I could handle the daily “madness” even better. When your body is most aligned and balanced and it is not giving you signals of pain, discomfort or blockages, guess what happens to your head. It clears up and it gives you the space and freedom to concentrate on the other areas in your life that perhaps have not been receiving the attention you have been wanting to give them.

Jackie your Balance creator & Postural Specialist

First a little bit about me and how I have come to become an Egoscue Specialist or Balance Creator. Egoscue is the foundation of what I do and what has inspired me and lights me up.  I have had a couple of experiences in my life that have thrown me completely off balance and I have made a very conscious decision that I do not want to ever feel like that again. 

I wanted to feel healthier, more productive and more energetic and Egoscue as a Posture Alignment Method has helped me to achieve that goal. Ever since I have my own therapy that helps me to feel productive and more alive

YuMe Jackie

So where did I hear about Postural Alignment and the Egoscue Method? One of my great hobbies is travelling. So lucky me I travel privately whenever I can and on one of my travels to attend a Life Coaching and Personal Development Seminar “Egoscue” was on the agenda. I thoroughly enjoy going to all sorts of different seminars that help me grow and develop and sometimes take me out of my comfort zone and basically push me to step outside of my boundaries and do something I have never done. 

So when Egoscue was presented I was amazed by the results that were presented, people with back problems who looked like they were in pain and uncomfortable before they started therapy and then as the weeks and months progressed you can see their progress in the pictures that were shown. I was blown away. 

After I had come out of a life impacting situation with my own health, I realised I wanted to live healthier and regain my energy and Egoscue and the impact it has had so far I decided I wanted to become a Postural Alignment Therapist so that I could share my knowledge and help others to cope with the challenges I had just faced. Additionally, spending my days working in an environment where I see what the impact of a correct posture can do to a person and how that influences how he or she functions, I felt I wanted to share what I have learned with them and of course others. 

The Method has helped me through my challenging times so I want to tell others how incredibly impactful the Method is and allow me to help you to feel better, be more productive and get your energy levels UP!

So now after finalising the course work and getting my certification – The time has come to start helping people. At first I wanted to wait and then a phrase popped into my head … When would be a good time to start Jackie? NOW is a good time to start. 

With Love

"You & Me together are going to make a difference in your life and in others around you. I want to help people find their Balance in Life."

YuMe Postural Therapy FAQ

At YuMe our basis is The Egoscue Method, a Postural Treatment, founded by Pete Egoscue in the 70s. At YuMe, we believe that both constant and acute pain is caused by misalignment in the body as it loses its designed posture. The human body is designed to move and with most of society changing and more and more of what we do is done sitting down the body develops musculoskeletal dysfunctions and compensations. When those are present, pain and injury set in or are lurking right around the corner. Postural Treatment brings the body back to its designed posture, reducing and taking away pain and returning you back to an active, pain-free life.

YuMe uses a series of gentle and easy exercises and stretches to return musculoskeletal balance and symmetry to your body. It’s no secret that muscles move bones. If your body has lost its designed posture, it’s because muscles have moved your bones into a new, dysfunctional position. Pain is the body’s way of alerting you to the fact that your body isn’t aligned—and therefore isn’t moving—properly. Through Postural Treatment your muscles will be reeducated and reminded how they need to function in order to maintain properly balanced.

The vast majority of clients feel different after their first appointments with one of our therapists. Everybody experiences differently of course, the results are mostly immediate. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself; you just have to give it a chance. Remember, you most likely didn’t get into your current position overnight, and you won’t get out of it overnight. Postural Treatment is a process, but one with a remarkable 94 percent success rate since its inception.

We ask that you do your exercises, what we call your “menu,” every day. Some of our clients will need to do their menu more than once per day, depending on their postural balance. The treatment is designed to systematically and methodically chip away at your dysfunctions and compensations. We have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! By doing your menu daily, you are giving your body the positive stimuli that it needs, restoring proper alignment, and taking away your pain!

Yes, you need to do your full menu at least once per day, in the given order. One exercise sets up the next, so sequencing is important. Outside of that time, you can do any exercises that you feel are beneficial for your body whenever you want and as often as you like.

Soreness is normal and can be a good thing. We call this “muscle awakening”, and it should diminish the more times you do your menu as your muscles adapt and adjust to the new work. Keep in mind that soreness is different from pain. If you are experiencing true pain, let your therapist know so any necessary adjustments can be made.

Being non-medical, The treatment is not directly covered by insurance. However, many of our clients have success getting reimbursed from their insurance provider for at least a portion of what they pay. Therefore, it is worthwhile to speak to your insurance company and find out what they say.

At YuMe Balance we will take you through our Evolution Loop during each of your visits. Most of our clients need somewhere between 8 and 16 visits to see results. Keep in mind that we are working to eliminate structural dysfunctions that have been decades in the making.

Yes of course! Postural Treatment can be used in conjunction with many different healing modalities. That being said, our goal is to return control of your health back to your hands so that ultimately you aren’t dependent on another person or machine to achieve an optimal state of health. The YuMe “hands off” approach takes you through the Evolution Loop and teaches you what you need to do to fix yourself.

Yes. Postural Treatment is a specifically tailored set of exercises designed to eliminate your structural dysfunctions that are causing your pain. The majority of yoga and Pilates classes are group-based where everyone in the class is asked to do the same exercises, poses, or moves. YuMe fosters a client-driven treatment experience where you and your specialist/ me – work together to develop your exercise menu, taking only what your body is able to functionally give on that day.

No you do not. Most of the exercises can be done at home with simple items that we all have in our normal household. We tend to do all exercises with a Yoga mat, a simple chair, a pillow and possibly a strap (this can be a belt too) a towel and if you have some stairs – then that is great. You are covered on all fronts.