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Would you like to create a more inspiring working environment for your staff so they are motivated to come back to the office? A space that is Dynamic, where connecting with your colleagues, clients and business partners is inspiring, easy and fun. A space where you want to be because the vibes are good, the atmosphere allows you to be innovative, productive and full of energy. If that is what you are looking for then, you have come to the right place.

Do you need someone to coordinate a dynamic Connection at work process from start to beginning? Someone to help you with the coordination and organisation of internal and external moves and changes in the workplace, and then someone to actually implement the changes working with the teams and the Facility Management Services in your office.

Do you find it challenging to motivate your employees to come back to the office? Do you hear from your employees that they find it difficult to be in the office for long days again? Would you like to create a more inspiring working environment for your staff?

I am convinced that a work environment determines the motivation to want to be in the office. By creating a working environment where employees can develop, innovate, be creative and connect with colleagues and other people, going to the office becomes a celebration.

As an experienced facilities project manager, this is what I facilitate. I am the lynchpin between the company and the architect and builders. I take the organisation of the project off your hands internally. I ensure clarity during all phases.

For years, I worked for international companies working as a Facility Manager taking on responsibility for all FM related projects such as, internal and external moves and changes, relocations, supplier mobilisations, budget optimisations.

In addition to my role as a posture specialist, I have helped companies and employees literally get back into better shape. I bring this experience into my role as freelance facilities project manager. In addition, I am fluent in English, German, French and Dutch.

The Evolution Loop

The Evolution loop is a visual of what will be happening when we start working together. In every project meeting we will Check, Challenge & Change:

To enable your teams to deliver internal and external moves through an optimized and standardized process I use the YuMe Space and People Evolution Loop (Check, Challenge, Change) method, which will provide you and your teams with the leverage to sustainably improve your client project organization

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1. Check the Projects Status Quo

YuMe Evolution Loop Sense

In the first part of our DynamiConnection project conversation we will go through a couple of questions that help me understand where we are from a Real Estate and Facility Management point of view. It is important to understand where the organisation is at so that I understand the start time and start situation before we launch into any type of project related to your organisation and the building.
In this phase my questions amongst others are:
-What is the vision of the company in relation to Real Estate?
-What is the strategy for your Real Estate Portfolio?
-What is the timing for the Strategy conversion?
-What is the plan for the region?
-What is the plan for the single office?
-What are the current projects, if any?
-What are your priorities?
-What is the background of Building X (the first priority building / space)?

2. Challenge: Hinterfrage Deinen Status Quo

YuMe Evolution Loop Reflect

This is the 2nd part of the Project conversation.
Now that I know and understand the background of your office and how the space has developed over the past few years, I will start to form a view on how to transform the space, the journey for the team working in the space and where we want to go.
Ich werde Dir also beispielsweise die folgenden Fragen stellen:
-What do you want with the space?
-What is your biggest goal that you want to achieve?
-What, according to you are the biggest challenges that we will face?
-What can be a quick win ?
-How much do you have to be or do you want to be involved?

3. Change your Status Quo and Transform -Act

YuMe Evolution Loop Act

Dies ist der letzte Teil des persönlichen Gesprächs.

This is where we are going to be working on setting a program on how to get your space, your team and you to the end goal of a space that is truly transformational and gives everybody exactly that what they need from a space, collaboration and private and confidentiality point of view.

We will agree on a Timeline, Key Milestones, the Resources and the outlines of a communication plan.

Get to know Jackie

I am a Senior FM and Real Estate Project Manager. I organise and manage internal and external moves and Facility projects.
That is me- my job, my role and my expertise and I am looking for the next Project to sink my teeth in… Have you got one lined up and need help – Let me tell you a bit about me so you do not have to look any further:

I have been on LinkedIn „Openforwork“ for quite some time and I feel I need to get louder so that those of you with projects big or small can hear me! 📢 Let me be that voice in your head that keeps calling you when you need something. „I am here“ 🙋🏻‍♀️

I have an extensive background in a variety of industries and jobs that give me a really good insight in what is needed in your organization. Let me sum it up for you real quick:

🎯I started of learning all about the Banking Business – Worked at the front end for over 5 years
🎯Then moved to working in the Medical field and learned all about managing customers how to handle of customer orders, a warehouse, goods movements logistics with Their 1 and Tier 2 orders, and how orders flow through the OM-system through to remittance. 
🎯I set up the first dealership abroad with every challenge you can imagine.
🎯I then moved to manage a larger Customer Support team and then was allowed to grow even further all the way out to managing operations out in Asia.
🎯ERP implementation projects – bringing new software in to handle customer orders, logistics and invoicing.
🎯I came back to Europe to make a significant shift in my career a change to Facilities Management and Real Estate Projects and later on the Day to Day operations of Buildings. 

I have done all this while moving through 7 counties, and 16 personal moves. So I know what I am talking about. Whenever I have a challenge on my hands I do not shy away but face it head on. I am a polyglot and a problem solver. 

I am here and I am ready – Are you ready to take me on? Thumbs up below or a DM and we shall talk. I cannot wait to hear from you. 

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