Improve your balance in life

Working together 'You & Me' to give you a better balance in your life, starting with your posture. Together we reduce the pain you may feel in your body and find the right balance, using the Egoscue Method as the foundation.

Introduction to YuMe Balance

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YuMe provides you with the tools to Improve Your Balance in Life. Do you want to get rid of your back, knee, shoulder, hip or ankle pain once and for all, be better at your favourite sport, improve your energy levels in general, or simply get back in shape? YuMe helps you, to find your balance in Body, Mind, and Soul.

At YuMe we speak German, Dutch, French & English. 

YuMe Academy

YuMe Academy

Yume Academy Introduction : YuMe Academy gives our members exclusive access to short workout programmes as well as individual exercises available in video and in pdf format.  

Additionally, you will also get access to exclusive access to “member-only” offers and specials.


YuMe Online Group Training Zoom

Online Group- Morning & Evening Routine

  1. Morning Routine Group Session: Routine to get your body set for a day in the office. We look at the 5 key points in your body. 
  2. Evening Routine Group Session: Routine to reset your body after a day in the office. We look at the 5 key points in your body and finish with a meditation
YuMe individual online training session

Individual Training - Online

1-on-1 training via Zoom or Skype where we take a look at your posture, take pictures for our Check In to Evaluate your status quo, look for the change and define the next steps for your program.

YuMe In person Individual training session

Individual Training - In Person

1-on-1 training at your place, mine or in the park,  where we look at your posture, take pictures for our “Check In” together we challenge your status quo, check the results and change your program and define the next steps for your program

YuMe Group Training

In person - Group Training

The group must have a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 10. You join a group for an hour session in which we do E-Cises covering the 5 Anchor points in the body.

Locations to be communicated separately. 

The Evolution Loop

The Evolution loop is a visual of what will be happening when we start working together. In every training session we will Check, Challenge & Change:

Yume Evolution loop

1. Check your Status Quo

YuMe Evolution Loop Sense

In the first part of our personal conversation we will go through a couple of questions that help me understand how you are doing. It is important to understand where you stand on the day of the training so that I understand what is going on in your body and what is happening / has happened with your Posture.

So I will be asking you questions such as:
How do you feel today? Why/ What/ When?
How did that affect you?
What have you been up to since our last session?
What has been different since the last time we spoke?

The thing is, everything we do has an effect on our body, on our posture and in turn that affects how we feel and how we move around during the day. Even sleeping and how you sleep affects your posture.

2. Challenge your Status Quo

YuMe Evolution Loop Reflect

This is the 2nd part of the personal conversation.

Now that I know and understand how you are physically, I want to understand how you have been getting on with the program we have set for you with your daily menu of E-Cises.

So I will be asking you questions such as:
How have you been doing with your menu?
Which E-Cise did you like most?
Which one did you like least?
Was the timing right for you?

3. Change your Status Quo

YuMe Evolution Loop Act

This is the last part of the personal conversation.

This is where we are going to be working on setting a new menu for the next period of 1 to 2 weeks for you to do on a daily basis. I know the E-Cises you liked best and the E-Cises you liked least.

Based on the Posture Pictures that we will be taking and our conversation I will issue a menu with a number of E-Cises for an agreed allotted amount of time.

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